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Security Services Division

Security Guard Services-  Security Services Division (SSD) understands the need for security in order to prevent crime, loss
of life, minimize risks, keep order, control access, prevent damage to the client’s property or injury to its customers and

Security Services Division staff are outfitted in professional style dress uniforms, tactical uniforms, or blazers and ties
depending upon the location and work to be performed. SSD staff are cognizant of the fact that they represent your
company along with being representatives of SSD and conduct themselves in a professional/disciplined manner and
demonstrate proper military bearing.


Centennial Protection Group management consults with its clients in order to determine the proper level/method of security,
prepares location specific Post Orders (security procedures manual) and provides daily oversight through its Quality
Assurance Section and quarterly testing of personnel. Clients are informed of daily activities on their properties through
comprehensive documentation and reporting on events and incidents.  SSD offers live access for clients to electronic
activity logs and reports, instantly, as they are written.


SSD Personnel:

All personnel receive initial and in-service training through the SSD Training Section and are certified in CPR, AED and First Aid adding to the
level of support.

Security services are available and provided for a myriad of needs including but not limited to:

Hotels (Hospitality Industry)

Construction Sites
Schools (Public or Private)
Special Events
Disaster Response and Security
Alarm Response
Retail Establishments
Commercial Buildings
Shopping Centers
Car Dealerships
Front Desk Access Control/Greeter
Events (Public and Private):
Security Consulting

Whether it is a graduation party at your home or an event at the convention center, Centennial Protection Group provides well trained personnel to ensure security throughout your short or
long term event. The SSD event security team works with the clients to conduct risk, threat
and vulnerability assessments during the pre-planning. A detailed security plan
of action is constructed that directs all facets of the operation consistent with the overall
Needs. SSD planners will liaison with local law enforcement, emergency medical services and other governmental agencies to ensure your event continues safely for the duration.

Both the Security and Protective Services Divisions work together, when the assessment calls for a blended approach of Security Officers and Executive Protection personnel. Let Centennial Protection Group manage your security so you can concentrate on what is most important to you, your event and guests.

Armed and Unarmed Guards:

Provide high visibility coverage and act as a deterrent
to crime. They provide various services to project a
sense of security to its clients. They can greet
personnel in reception locations/desks, provide foot
patrol, open doors, report and correct safety concerns,
insure compliance with company policy, provide 24 hour
protection and immediate reporting of
equipment/infrastructure failures, fire hazards etc. and
provide traffic and crowd control.


Off Duty Police Officers:

SSD utilizes off duty law enforcement officers to provide
another level of security coverage when required by the
security plan. These members have received countless
numbers of training hours and can work independently
or become integrated with the over security team.

s15-287x287 (1).jpg

Undercover Officers:

Undercover officers provide an additional measure of
security and can be utilized in many ways. They function
discreetly and blend in as customers, employees or
another person in the crowd at events or other various
locations. Usually working in conjunction with other
security measures, they can provide real time
intelligence information during public or private events.


Vehicle Patrol:

SSD provides security patrol services utilizing highly visible marked all wheel drive vehicles. This method of patrol allows for greater coverage in larger settings such as neighborhoods, shopping malls etc. and creates a greater sense of security or an “Omnipresence” to deter crime. Vehicle Patrol can also provide for a group based security strategy to incorporate multiple clients while reducing individual expenses e.g. housing communities, closely located hotels, commercial shopping districts or industrial


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