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Centennial Protection Group

Professional - Comprehensive - Reliable

"Providing clients peace of mind in an ever-changing world!"

Protective Services Division

Centennial Protection Group (CPG) provides a diverse range of protection and investigative services for the public,
private and corporate sectors. We believe that “Proper Facilitation is the foundation for Protection™"

Our global network of professional Executive Protection Facilitators™(EPF), Personal Protection Facilitators™
(PPF) and security personnel are here to serve your needs. Our services are often blended with each other to provide a
comprehensive and seamless approach to safety and protection.


CPG associates utilize a team concept in a layered approach to protection. They are licensed, qualified professionals
providing protection at the ready that is low profile, adaptable, discreet and not intrusive. We develop a custom plan and
our EPFs™ and PPFs™ discreetly and accurately provide for our clients' unique protection needs and avoid problems,
delays and embarrassments.  Our corporate clients realize increased productivity as an added value of our services.


CPG provides the following services:

Protection Section:

Executive Protection Facilitators™

Personal Protection Facilitators™
Security Drivers
Asset Protection
International Protective Services
Estate Security
High Value/Sensitive Item Escorts
Workplace Violence Protection
Witness Protection
Discreet Protection of
Child/Spouse or other loved ones.
ConsultingAED devices provided upon

Investigation Section:

Domestic Investigations

Workers Compensation Investigations

Employment Background Investigations (all levels)
Due Diligence Investigations
Questioned Document Examination
Computer Forensics
Forensic Firearms Examination
Forensic Sciences Case Review
GPS Tracking
Skip Traces/Locate
Process Service
Post Conviction Investigations
Medical Malpractice Investigations
Activity Checks
Drug Testing

All CPG personnel are certified in CPR, AED and First Aid, adding to the level of protection.  


Security Drivers:

Protection personnel provide secure, discreet and safe transportation ensuring the safety and timelessness of the most important asset, your personnel! With route planning and problem avoidance, we provide the safe transportation all while passengers remain productive in their daily routines.

Executive/Personal Protection:

From detailed advance planning and risk, threat and vulnerability assessment, CPG develops a plan of action to ensure protection from harm, delays and embarrassments. We believe in the 360 approach to protection. The protection methods deployed by CPG personnel go well beyond physical harm to ensure clients stay safe and have the ability to remain productive in their everyday activities.


Secure Transportation:

Personnel provide professional and secure transportation to prevent loss, damage or theft of highly valuable, confidential items and products. From confidential, soon to go to market products, jewelry, currency and highly sensitive items, clients can rest assured their assets will be protected from pickup to delivery.


Workplace Violence:

Highly trained protection personnel provide a myriad of services to ensure you clients, staff and administration remain safe during difficult workplace related concerns. From on location armed and discreet protection personnel to close protection of affected staff to surveillance/monitoring of persons of interest, we provide the protective services so your staff remain calm and productive.


Special Event Protection:

Personnel from the Protective Services Division provide security during special high-profile events, special details, corporate meetings, gatherings, etc. Both the Protective and Security Services Divisions are able to work in a blended fashion to provide a layered approach to security and protection where needed.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Due to the confidentiality and protection of our clients, ALL images include CPG staff only and do not include clients.


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