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Glen Burnie, Maryland, March 7, 2024

In a display of quick thinking and compassion, Officer Randolph Friend, a dedicated security professional at Centennial Protection Group, played a crucial role in assisting an individual suffering from a diabetic medical emergency.

On March 7, 2024, at approximately 12:38 p.m., Officer Randolph Friend, who was patrolling in a local shopping center, was notified regarding an individual who had fallen. Officer Friend quickly responded to assess the situation and observed a 27 year old male on the ground who had struck his head on the sidewalk. Officer Friend noticed that the victim was non responsive and began talking to the victim. After a short period, the victim began to regain consciousness and was assisted to his car. Remaining calm, Officer Friend immediately contacted emergency services, providing crucial information about the situation. It was discovered that they were experiencing a diabetic emergency.

The individual's family expressed their gratitude for Officer Friend's prompt response and assistance during the critical moments before emergency medical services arrived.

Centennial Protection Group commends Officer Friend for their exemplary performance, quick thinking, and dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of others.

This incident underscores the importance of well-trained and compassionate security personnel in public spaces.

For additional information, please contact

443.424.8273 ###

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Timonium, MD: Centennial Protection Group (CPG) is one of the FIRST training programs to receive Maryland approval to provide Initial and Inservice Security Guard certification training to those seeking to obtain or renew their Security Guard certifications.

The Maryland State Legislature, for the first time, is mandating security guard Initial and Inservice training and, for the first time, requiring all employers who assign staff to security duties, to comply with all security agency and security guard laws.

On February 14, 2024, CPG became one of the first security agencies in the State to be approved by the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, in the State to provide the required 12 hour Initial Security Guard training and required 8 hour In-Service Security Guard training for those looking to renew their certifications.

David Hopp, President of Centennial Protection Group, a retired Maryland State Police Captain, applauded this new law and said "this requirement is long overdue. As we have seen in recent years, there have been grave incidents involving security guards, especially in the use of force. This training will raise the level of professionalism, accountability and effectiveness in the services provided to the community."

The new laws go into effect June 1, 2024. David Hopp and CPG will begin providing training for security guards March 1, 2024 and will also offer services to other security agencies and non security guard agency employers, who assign their staff to security functions, to ensure compliance with all laws. These services include training, certification, licensing applications, fingerprinting, employer records management and employee processing.

David Hopp adds that he looks forward to the support they will be offering security guards and helping ease their client concerns while increasing accountability in the security profession.

Centennial Protection Group can be contacted at 

or by calling 443.424.8273.


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December 26, 2022 (Essex, Maryland)

Centennial Protection Group personnel observed a Toyota Camry race through an intersection on Middleborough Road, West of Rt. 702, almost striking another vehicle, only to learn it had just been stolen from a victim who was in "hot pursuit."

At approximately 5:41 pm, Monday evening, Sgt Philip Tabron and Officer Joshua Blankenship, assigned to an Essex housing community, in Baltimore County, were monitoring normal activities in and around their property. At that time they observed a green Toyota Camry nearly collide with other traffic. Immediately following the vehicle was the victim, from whom the vehicle was just stolen.

Without hesitation, they began to canvas their area of responsibility while the victim summoned the Baltimore County Police Department. Moments later, they observed a suspicious vehicle that matched the description that appeared to have difficulty parking. Officer Blankenship stated " the vehicle was being parked consistent with an amateur driver who was struggling to park correctly." Seconds later, the driver and one passenger, who appeared to be in their teens, fled from the vehicle.

Baltimore County Police units arrived minutes later and were briefed by Tabron and Blankenship. A search of the area was conducted and revealed a large group of juveniles gathered in close proximity to the vehicle. As police personnel closed in, all juveniles fled in different directions.

Having a comprehensive knowledge of their patrol area, Tabron and Blankesnhip strategically positioned themselves to observe potential routes of egress.

Through their quick response, they were able to identify one of the alleged fleeing suspects which resulted in an apprehension.

The stolen Camry was processed and returned to the victim at the scene.

Investigation continues by the Baltimore County Police Department.

Centennial Protection Group provides security, protection and investigative services in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and globally through its strategic partners.


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