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Officer Saves Life

April 18, 2018 (Anne Arundel County, MD)

Centennial Protection Group (CPG) officer's patrol and observation skills lead to the discovery and saving of an apparent overdose victim.

At approximately 8:54 pm, Wednesday evening, Lieutenant Anthony Tyler was walking patrol at a non-disclosed shopping area along Ritchie Highway, when he obserevd an adult male, approximately 55 years of age, suddenly fall to the roadway. Lt. Tyler approached the victim to render aid but discovered the unidentified male was non-responsive. EMS was called for assistance. During the wait for the arrival of EMS, Lt Tyler continued to render assitance to the victim.

Anne Arundel County Medic Unit #31, Engine #311 and Anne Arundel County police arrived a short time later and took over. An unidentified paramedic stated Lt. Tyler "just saved this man's life with his quick response."

The victim was administered Narcan and was transported to a local hospital for further treatment.

CPG President David Hopp stated, "in our line of work staff do not often realize the results of their efforts due to the fact their role and top priority is prevention. Our staff can not see what they prevent because it never happened. When incidents like this occur, it is gratifying to know our team is doing their jobs and making a difference in someone's life."

This is the 3rd documented life being saved as a result of the efforts of CPG personnel in the last 8 months.

Centennial Protection Group provides security, protection and investigative services in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and globally through its partners.

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