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Another life saved by security personnel

September 13, 2018 (Anne Arundel County, MD)

Centennial Protection Group (CPG) officer's decisive action and observation skills, while reporting to work, helps save the life of an apparent overdose victim.

At approximately 1:30 pm, Thursday afternoon, Officer Cheria Tyler was driving to her assignment at a non-disclosed shopping area in the area of Route 100 and Route 97, when she obserevd an adult male sitting in an unusal area at the shopping location. Officer Tyler immediately made contact with the subject who was unable to communicate. While trying to communicate with him the victim fell over on his side and became unresponsive. Officer Tyler immediately called for EMS response and continued to render assistance until EMS arrived.

Upon arrival, EMS personnel administered Narcan to counteract the effects of the drug.

Officer Tyler stated "I was just doing my job" when congratulated for a job well done.

This is the 4th documented life being saved as a result of the efforts of CPG personnel during the last year.

Centennial Protection Group provides security, protection and investigative services in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC and globally through its partners.


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