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Vĺctim saved from car in flames

April 16, 2018 (Prince George's County, Mayland)

Centennial Protection Group, Executive Protection Facilitator (EPF), saves accident victim from car as it bursts into flames. On April 2018 at 4:50 pm, EPF Christopher Quirk was traveling northbound from Washington DC into Maryland on I-295 when he observed vehicles traveling in front of him come to an abrupt stop and an ambulance blocking the roadway. Quirk observed a 3 vehicle crash with one of the vehicles, a silver Chrysler engulfed in heavy smoke. Quirk quickly walked to the area to see if he could be of help. As he approached, the vehicle burst into flames and an EMT screamed there was a victim still in the vehicle as they could not free him. Immediately, and without concern for his own safety, EPF Quirk instructed the EMTs to get a fire extinguisher and he would work on freeing the victim. Quirk used his knife and quickly cut the driver free and pulled him from underneath the dash. Quirk pulled the victim, who was in shock, 50 yards to safety. Shortly after several police units arrived on the scene. The quick and decisive actions of EPF Quirk certainly helped save the life of the victim.

Centennial Protection Group provides protection, security, and investigative services throughout the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia regions and globally through their partners.

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